Samstag, 8. September 2012

September 8 - Buenos Aires

I had set my alarm clock for 11:00 a.m. because Christoph and I wanted to talk via skype. But I woke up half an hour earlier and Christph was already online. We chatted briefly and then I asked him if it was ok to take a shower first. It was my spa day and after having a shower I used one of the facial masks I had bought in South Korea and was relaxing on the bed.
From 11:40 to 15:30 we were talking about the latest news, our upcoming trip and all things that had happened so far.
When we had just finished our conversation I saw that my sister got online and then the 2 of us talked about 1,5 hours too.
Actually she had pretty sad news for me: After a short small talk she revealed that they had to put down our horse Adi.
He died in the night from August 23 to 24 at 3 a.m. in the morning. After heavy problems with the change in the weather pattern he had gotten some infusions and recovered shortly. My sister and her partner stayed with him to watch his recovery but suddenly he fell over and couldn't get up anymore. He suffered from cramps and later on my sister guessed that his kidneys had failed. My sister woke up the vet again and then Adi got 5 shots: within 10 seconds he relaxed and stopped suffering and within 1 minute he was dead.
May he rest in peace!!!!!
Even though I had said goodbye to him several times (each time I took a flight to another country I had already said goodbye) it was completely different when I realized that he had gone forever.
Actually we couldn't complain at all: in May he turned 31 and by upcoming December we would have owned him for 20 years. But it still feels like loosing a member of the family!
I'll always remember him as the best horse ever!!!!

The rest of the day I was grieving. After finishing the phone call with my sister I called Christoph again (17:00 to 17:40) and told him about the bad news. I also needed some company and solace.

Just sitting in my room and weeping wasn't really the best option so I decided to do something: I went down in the garden and was cleaning my shoes for over one hour (=> they looked really clean afterwards:-) ).
Then I continued reading in my book.
During dinner I wasn't really that talkative and our usual dinner-conversation was shorter than usual.
After dinner I continued reading, but the book made me cry again => that day was definitely my "crying day".
I read until I was deadbeat and so I fell asleep almost immediately without thinking too much.
But it was late (too late) again...

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