Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

September 27 - Buenos Aires

I slept very long that morning, took a shower, ate breakfast and lunch together and left the house at 12:10. The good thing about going to school that late was that I got a seat on the bus and on the metro as well.
At school I had private lessons with Angela from 14-18h and she continued with level A13. In my opinion that whole level just consisted of irregular verbs (in the present tense). So it was a "lot of fun" to study all these verbs:-)
After school I went back immediately. When I reached my "current home" it was about 20:00 and travelling 2 hours to school, having private lessons for 4 hours and then travelleing 2 hours back had been really enough for me. I was just tired and after a quick dinner and some TV on the internet and went to bed at around midnight.

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