Sonntag, 23. September 2012

September 23 - Buenos Aires
Another uneventful day...
I still felt sick and needed a rest...
So I skyped with Christoph at 11:25 for about 30 minutes.
Then I searched the internet and had lunch at 14:00 on the terrace in the garden.
After that I was emailing, reading my facebook notes and blogging.
At 18:15 Christoph and I tried to skype again for about 30 minutes but we were interrupted several times. Finally we gave up!
Later on I ate dinner alone and after that I watched a movie from the zdf-mediathek again:
that evening I enjoyed another corny movie: it seemed to be my corny movie week:-):
Rosamunde Pilcher:-) and after that "tatort".
At 1 a.m I went to bed but there was a mosquito bothering me that I couldn't catch and kill:-( In addition I wasn't really tired, my back hurt and I couldn't stop coughing again
=> another almost sleepless night...

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