Freitag, 21. September 2012

September 21 - Buenos Aires

My worst day...
After sleeping long fever already started rising up early in the afternoon.
After chatting a lot of nonsense with Marina (@Marina: we should forget about it, right?) I talked with Christoph via Skype but after a while I needed to end our call. I just wanted to sleep again, my headache didn't allow me to concentrate anymore and I had to push myself a lot to speak with my male and husky voice.
I was feeling cold and asked for an additional blanket. After the fever had reached 38.7°C

the proof:-)
I took a pill. (didn't wanna wait anymore...)
Victoria was really nice and caring: she had texted her doctor about me. When the doctor called her back she advised her to get me to a hospital if my health hadn't improved after one week of sickness. There I should be x-rayed to exclude a serious illness (like pneumonia etc.). I asked to think about it. I didn't feel like lining up in a common hospital (maybe for hours) and being x-rayed isn't something I would do so easily...
During dinner with Victoria I was sweating a lot, but then the fever was gone.
I watched a little bit more TV on my PC before I went to sleep again.


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