Freitag, 14. September 2012

September 14 - Buenos Aires

It was just another day at school: getting up early, having 4 hours Spanish classes in the morning, one hour lunch break, which I spent with Remo and Ute in our favourite pizzeria and then 2 hours of private lessons. For Remo and Ute it was the last day at school

Ute, Remo and Katja after their last morning lessons

and after the morning classes there was a small ceremony on the 6th floor where they got their certificates and said goodbye to the teachers. I joined them because the 3 of us wanted to go to "our" restaurant one last time together.
Then I had to hurry for my private lessons which were better than the day before but it still took me an eternity to make just one sentence in Spanish.
If I ever complain about my English again I just need to remind myself of these Spanish lessons and I will be satisfied immediately:-)

me during my private lesson
the chair with the small attached table was really uncomfortable
After the classes I spent about 2hours on the 6th floor in the common room. I checked my emails quickly and then started planning Christoph's and my upcoming trip using the Southpass: how many tickets would we need to go from A to B, how long would it take us etc.
After 1 hour sitting in front of the computer a tango beginner class started in that room and I watched them with half an eye. Only really young and very good looking students took part... I felt pretty old...
Before I went back to "my home" I bought some sweets and vitamin water in a 24h shop.

now I finally understand that painting in the stairwell of our school
After dinner I continued preparing our upcoming trip and then went to bed pretty early.

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