Freitag, 28. September 2012

September 28 - Buenos Aires

I got up at 10:30, did my homework, took a shower, ate breakfast and left the house at 12:25. That was the perfect time for travelling to school: almost no traffic jam and not that many people on the bus and on the metro. I arrived at school at 13:50 (it was my personal record to get to school that fast:-) ) and had private lessons from 14-18h again.
Fridays is always the day when all students, who are leaving the school, get their certificate. Because I wasn't there at 13:00 I got my certificate from Angela and not as everybody else on the 6th floor with all the teachers and the study director present.
Except of that we just continued with irregular verbs. On the way to and back from school I also took some pictures to record my daily way:

getting out of the Subte Station Catedral

turning into Florida Street (main shopping street in BS AS)

lots of small kiosk-like stalls on Florida Street

Florida Street: always crowded
Just from the outside the school didn't look that good:

entrance door of my school

facade of my school
we had classes (including common room) on 6 levels

But from the inside the school was nice and clean:

the entrance hall of my school

my class room with Angela

Angela's place

my private teacher Angela
awarding me with my certificate

getting my certificate

on the way back to the station:
every evening these guys were playing "Stairway to heaven"
and some Guns N Roses songs
In the evening I had dinner alone (Victoria was watching TV but I didn't wanna join her) and later on I watched some TV on my PC too.
At 2:00 a.m. I went to bed.

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