Montag, 17. September 2012

September 17 - Buenos Aires

When my alarm clock rang at 6:15 I knew immediately that I wouldn't go to school today: I had a sore throat, all my limbs were aching and my headache was incredible. The only thing I did was setting my alarm clock for 8:30, then I got up and wrote an email to our study director just to let him know that I wouldn't make it to school that day.
I pretty much slept the whole day, just got up for a late shower and something to eat and then went back to bed again. And the weather matched my health status: it was cloudy and really stormy the whole day!
In the evening Victoria, Aixa and I had a short dinner. Victoria had made the Spätzle recipe I had translated for her and she tried one portion with water and one with mascarpone (she couldn't find sour cream, the common ingredients for spätzle, in the supermarket). We tried and for the two of us the recipe using mascarpone and adding milk, in case the dough hasn't the right texture, was the best one.
After dinner I was so exhausted that I had to sleep one hour before I finally brushed my teeth at 22:00 and went to sleep immediately.

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