Samstag, 29. September 2012

September 29 - Buenos Aires

I slept very long: til 12:00:-)
After showering and having a breakfast I did my homework in the garden. I had gotten so much homework that I worked for over 2 hours. I also learnt some vocabulary and reviewed all the grammar I had learnt so far.

doing my homework in the garden
there are worse places to work:-)

backside of the house and patio
Then I cleaned my shoes (also in the garden) and wrote my postcards (from 17:00 to 19:00):
So some of you guys can expect a postcard very soon!:-)
Then I tried my first mate tea. Aixa was preparing some (she had to study a lot that day and made the tea to stay awake for a long time). I tried some and even though the tea tasted pretty bitter I liked it! (unfortunatey I didnt take a picture of the special mate cup and straw but I am sure that wasn't my last one).
In the evening Aixa showed me how to use the oven and I just needed to warm up the Canelones, that Victoria had made for me (she had dinner outside and so I ate alone again).
Later on I just wrote some emails and watched a little bit TV before I went to sleep at about midnight.


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