Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

September 26 - Buenos Aires

I had gone back to school too early...
After getting up at 6:15, taking a shower and having breakfast I didn't feel well at all.
So I took my temperature and the fever thermometer showed 38.0°C. Even though it was hard for me I decided to call in sick again. I had just arranged to get extra private lessons to compensate the whole last week I couldn't go to school and now I needed to stay at home again. I wrote our really nice study director an email, saying that I would stay at home again and that from the next day on I would just take part in the extended private lessons. The morning lessons I would skip. So I wouldn't infect any of my classmates and my classmates (every second student was coughing and sneezing at that time) wouldn't reinfect me either. And 4 hours of private lessons per day were really enough... The study directore wrote me back that it wouldn't be a problem. My private teacher Angela would continue to teach me level A13 and A14 and we would see how far we could get.
I went back to bed, dissatisfied with my health, and slept almost the whole day.
In the evening I watched a little bit TV on my PC again before I went to back to sleep again..
(These last days had all been about sleeping:-)).

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