Dienstag, 25. September 2012

 September 25 - Buenos Aires

It was time to go back to school again!
I got up at 6:15, left the house at 7:10 and arrived at school at 8:45. On the bus I felt a little bit dizzy and shaky because I had to stand all the time. The cold had worked me over a lot...
When I arrived at school there was already a list hanging on the black board. It said that I would be in level A14. But I had missed the complete last week (leve A13) so I went up to the receptionist Milva and asked her about it. She sent me to the study director Gabriel (with whom I had exchanged a lot of emails during the last week because of my illness). He sent me back to level A13. So I had a new teacher (not Alfredo anymore). My new teacher's name was Mariel and the first guy I met in the classroom was Leo from Germany:-)
After the new students had been sent to the classes it turned out that we were 9 students in total: that was a lot again, it was the maximum number that was allowed and in my opinion already too much. There were:
2 Brazilians
3 Swiss
2 Germans
1 American
1 Englishwoman.

Mariel spoke Spanish all the time (Alfredo had explained a little more in English, but of course we were one level higher now) and sometimes it was tough to understand her work instructions. But somehow we all managed:-)
At 13:00 I met Caro and Anne in the hallway (my former classmates). They were waiting for me while I confirmed my afternoon lessons with Gabriel. Then we (Anne, Caro, a woman from Brazil and a guy from London) went out for lunch together.
From 14-16h I had private classes with Angela again and she started with level A14.
I had discussed (via email) with Gabriel that I wanted to do level A13 in the morning and A14 in the afternoon because I was keen on finishing level A1 (A11-A14) before I would start travelling. So with Angela I learnt some vocabulary about cities and how to ask for the way (very helpful!)

After classes I talked to Gabriel again. I wanted to know if I could get a refund because I had missed one week of classes. He told me that they usually don't do refund but I could get another week with Spanish lessons. But upcoming week I would have to move (because my hostmother would be travelling to Uruguay) and on upcoming Thursday Christoph would be arriving.
So Gabriel suggested to just take extra private lessons from the following day (Wednesday) to upcoming Tuesday. I agreed, so I would have private lessons from 14-18h from Wednesday to Tuesday.
After our talk I went to Florida Street (main shopping street in BS AS) and was window shopping. I found a bookstore but unfortunately they only sold Fifty Shades part 3 in Spanish:-(.
So I just bought some "Kinderüberraschung", something to drink and an ice cream.
After I while I went back to the house but while I was waiting at the bus stop a very cold wind was blowing. I felt very cold even though I was wearing my fleece and my windproof jacket.
A 19:10 I was back home and I was so exhausted that I took a nap from 19:15 - 20:45. Then Victoria called me for dinner. At 21:15 Victoria, Aixa and I had dinner together, at 22:30 I went to bed. I felt sick again and when I took my temperature the clinical thermometer showed 38.0°C again. Jippii:-(

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