Dienstag, 11. September 2012

September 11 - Buenos Aires

Today it was just a normal day at school. I got up at 6:30 (pretty late), but could finish my morning procedure very quickly. I left the house at 7:20, caught the bus at 7:45 and was at school at 8:50. There was even time to buy a coke before the class started.
In the morning we learnt lots of new words (related to the house: things in a bathroom, living room, bedroom) and the prepositions describing the position (under, above, ...).
From 13:00 to 13:30 I joined a short presentation from a guy who offered weekend and one-week trips in the wild/mountains (trips on the back of a horse, hiking, rowing etc.) Actually I gave him my email address to inform me about a 3-days-trip from September 22 to 23: 1 day horsebackriding, 1 day hiking and 1 day rowing. But we are going to sleep in cabins and food is gonna be provided. He called it a trip to chill-out:-) I need to think about it....

Then our lunch-group from yesterday went to a pizza place (they were all waiting for me, really nice!) opposite the school and I ate 2 slices of pizza.
On 14:00 my private afternoon class started and Angela, my teacher, and I reviewed and practiced the stuff I had just learnt in the morning.
At 16:00 I went up to the 6th floor, checked my emails and was waiting for Ute. She joined me at around 17:00 after coming back from the train station where she had just bought her Southpass.
We went to a cafe, I ate a brownie and had some tea and we talked about our upcoming trip.
At 19:30 I took off for the long journey back and arrived "at home" at around 21:15. (no special incident on the bus or metro today:-) ).
Victoria had justed started with her dinner and I joined her.
After the dinner I translated some "Gulasch" and "Spätzle" recipes from Austrian-German into English. (Victoria has a Austrian-German cookbook but has never cooked any of the recipes because she doesn't understand most of the things. I had to look up some words too (I am not familir with the Austrian "slang" but fortunately the first pages of the cook-book contain a German-Austrian dictionary:-) ).
When I finished it was almost 23:15, I went up to my room, blogged the day and did my homework.
At 00:30 I went to bed.

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