Montag, 14. Mai 2012

May 14 - Seoul

After a good sleep I got up at 8:30 a.m., took a shower and had breakfast in the cafe again. There I met a German couple from Starnberger See, whose daugher is married to a Korean guy. They were just visiting the country for the christening of their grandchild. We talked a little bit and at 10:00 I met my "new" guides for that day: 1 man named Woo Seung Ho (English name = Jack) and 1 woman named Yoo Soo Jung (English name = Crystal).
They took me to the Naksan Park first from where we were supposed to have a nice overview over the city. Unfortunately it was rainging that day and the view wasn't as great as suspected.

view from Naksan Park viewing point to the city
Crystal and I
another try to get a better picture of the view
Crystal and I in Naksan Park
 After climbing up to the viewing points at Naksan Park we were dump and therefore we decided to go back to the city and have lunch.

raining in Seoul
 My lunch was a another typical Korean food: Bulkoki (=meat dish). It was grilled on a table grill. After I tried the hot and spicy version and turning red and sweating a lot again, Jack was so kind to order a 2nd portion of meat for me without any spiceys. This version I really enjoyed:-) (tip: you really have to avoid anything that is read!)

because the meat was grilled on the table we were wearing aprons

Bulkoki = meat dish

how to eat: put lettuce on your palm and add rice, meat and - if you want - other side dishes, then roll up the lettuce and eat it at once

Jack eating chili
 Even though it was still raining after lunch I wished to go to the Han-River.

at the Han River

promenade at the Han River in the rain

Han River in the background
After that visit we weren't in the mood for any more rain. So we decided to go to the movie theatre and watch Tim Burton's new movie "Dark Shadows" staring Johnny Depp. In Korea Hollywood movies are in English with Korean subtitles, so I could watch even though I don't speak Korean at all.
(I really liked the movie, but Crystal was sleeping:-) )

At 18:30 I was back at the YH (the guys had brought me back as well) and a BIG THANK YOU TO MY GUIDES AGAIN!!!!

After returning I was tired and read in my book.
Gabi, the French woman, would leave the YH and heading for Japan the next morning and so she packed her suitcases about 3 hours that evening!!!
That night was noisy and almost sleepless again, most of my roomates came back late and turned on all the lights again in the middle of the night....

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