Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

May 6 - Zao Town

The morning started with an earthquake at 5:00 (intensity about 3). I realized it but was still too tired and sleepy to worry about anything.
We got up at 6:30 and took a warm bath again. At 7:30 we ate a typical japanese breakfast and then left the Onsen place at 9:30.Yuki's parents drove with us to the Eboshi Skisight (called Eboshi Field in the summer) and we took the gondola up to the mountain. From this point we were supposed to have a wonderful view to Sendai and the Ocean, but unfortunately it was pretty misty so we couldn't see clearly.

Onsen place, where we spent the night
1000-year old Japanese cedar
Eboshi Skisight
"view" to Sendai and the Ocean

We decided to go hiking for a while and Yuki's mum chose a path which should lead us to a waterfall. After about 10 minutes I was so clumsy that I could kick myself up the backside again if I only think about it: I turned around to talk with Yuki while I was still walking. Thus I didn't see a root that went straight across the path and fell down, twisting my weak left ankle again (the same one that I twisted last year...). l was a kind of shocked, but I also realized that it didn't hurt as much as it did last year and I could tread carefully. What a relief....I decided to take a rest and suggested Yuki's parents to continue walking. But they stayed with me and after a while I limped back to the gondola. We took the gondola back to the foot of the mountain and while Yuki and her parents walked along the daffodil fields, I sat on a bench and put my feet up.

daffodil fields at the foot of the mountain

daffodils and cherry blossom


resting my ankle

In some way we were lucky that I twisted my ankle: shortly after being back at the foot of the mountain  it started raining heavily and a thunder storm broke. We found shelter in a restaurant and once again I enjoyed a different process of ordering our meal:

At that vending machine you had to pay and chose your meal by pressing the button that stands for your meal (of course it was explained in Japanese only:-)

ticket machine (in Japanese only of course:-) )

ticket we got from the ticket machine

your ticket number will be displayed at that screen, than you can pick up your dish

noodles with sticky potatoes (one of my favourite dishes)

Because of the rain and me, unwilling to walk again we checked in earlier at the Onsen place, where we wanted to spend the night. This night we had a kind of Japanese style suite which we shared with Yuki's parents.
I lay down on a futon bed, put my left food up and wrapped a cold towel around the ankle. Then Yuki and I started listening to CD no 4 and 5 of our audio book.
At 18:30 we had a gorgeous Japanese-style dinner (9 courses!) and afterwards I could hardly move anymore:)

We went back to our room and finished CD 5 (which was the last one of that audio book). The audio book was really touching and the two of us were crying once in a while. After finishing the CD Yuki went to take a bath but I decided to stay in the room because hot water wasn't really the treatment for my ankle at that moment. So I started writing some postcards and when Yuki returned we decided that it was time for a beauty mask

entrance area where we put the table during the night
refrigerator, sink and toilet in the backround

2 sleeping places and a kind of storage room in the backround

having a mask:-)

At 23:30 we went to bed.

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