Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

May 3 - Ishinomaki

This morning we could afford to sleep very long. I had my own bedroom and after getting up at the usual time (8 a.m.) I was pleased to lay down and sleep again. Yuki woke me up at 10 a.m., then we talked for about 1 hour before she showed me how to take a shower in their house. We had brunch at 12 p.m. and said hello to her parents. Then Yuki and I were talking about women stuff again til 16:15. Then we were heading for the movie theatre. Yuki and I watched "This means war" staring Reese Witherspoon and laughed a lot. In Japan there are a lot of Japanese movies on the Box Office but also some Hollywood movies. These movies are in English with Japanese subtitles, so I could enjoy the movie too. At that early time of the day (16:45 to 18:45) not that many people were in the movie theatre (maybe around 10, including us). Yuki`s parents watched another movie and later we met again and had dinner together. It had been raining all day long but when we left that Mall it was very stormy too and we got wet all over only from the way from the exit to the car. Back at home we were eager to exercise: Yuki had some DVD`s of "Billy`s Bootcamp" and we did the 30 minutes exercise to improve our belly muscles:-) After that we started listening to CD no 1 of Yuki`s audiobook "the notebook", a really touching story...At around 0:30 I went to bed.

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