Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

May 4 - Ishinomaki

May 4th was a really rainy and stormy day again. So Yuki and I got up late again (10:00), had breakfast, did our laundry, I met Yuki`s the oldest friend and then I started writing in my blog. It took me almost the whole day. At 17:00 I took a break and Yuki and I drove to the Shopping Mall to buy my birthday present. Yuki had picked a new purse for me because the one I had been using during my travel was already several years old and a birthday present from her several years ago. This time I should pick my own birthday present. It took us a while but now I got a new and nice one:-) From the purse-shopping we went on to the grocery shopping and were back home at 19:30 where Yuki`s mother was already waiting for us (she was angry because we were 1 hour late:-( ) Then we had spaghetti and later on I worked on my blog and talked with Christoph via Skype about 1 hour.
Again at 0:30 I went to bed.

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