Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

October 7 - Mendoza
We arrived at 9:50 a.m. (just 10 minutes later than scheduled) in Mendoza after a night with almost no sleep.
First thing we did was going to the touristinformation to ask for a map. I tried it in Spanish and I got what we needed: jippie:-)
From the bus station we walked to our hostal. The hostal was a recommodation from Ute and I had booked it in Buenos Aires on the internet. It was a family-owned and run hostel (Mike, a native English speaker and his wife Celeste from Argentina) did a really good job.
When we arrived at the hostel (after 10 minutes walking) we brushed our teeth first (in a public bathroom) and had breakfast afterwards. Then we were waiting in the lobby and reading the broschure with the recommended excursions.
At 12:00 we could check-in in our room for 2.
our room in the hostal
moving in
First we took a shower, and after a facial mask (just for me, not for Christoph:-) )
we took a nap and later and we planned our stay in Mendoza and the excursions and Mike and Celeste booked them for us.
It was one of the very seldom days in Mendoza when it was raining and so we were in no hurry to go out for sightseeing. We decided to have an early dinner in the town
pink fountains in the pedestrian zone
(on the way to our dinner place)
pink fountains at Plaza Independencia
and after returning I was blogging til midnight. Then we went to bed.

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