Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

October 1 - Buenos Aires

I slept til 10:45, took a shower, inhaled ( I had gotten a special gadget from Victoria to inhale several times a day to get better soon) and packed some of my stuff.
That morning Victoria tried to call the Cuban embassy for me. Even though she called several times during the official opening hours no one answered the phone. So I decided to go to the Embassy in person the next morning before school.
At 12:25 I left the house. On the way to the school I mailed my postcards. The mailbox was in the souvenir shop where I had bought the postcard (not in a regular post office!:-)). I arrived at school at 14:50 and my private lessons lasted from 14:00 to 18:00. If I hadn't been sick in week 3 I would have finished classes on Friday but so I had still two more days at school. I was taught how to order correctly in a restaurant and how to talk about the time and how to use reflexive verbs. A listening comprehension related to the time was really frustrating: I didn't understand anything...

At 19:45 I was back home, searching the internet and finally had dinner with Victoria. She wanted to know how it was in Nepal and I could give her some tips about hiking boats and socks. When I told her about the outdoor fitter "Globetrotter" where I had bought all my stuff for Nepal she was impressed about the service! (She said that this would be a sign for a developed country!)
After the dinner I did a free English test on the internet (just for fun) and went to bed at 01:45, but I couldn't fall asleep before 02:45.

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