Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

October 3 - Buenos Aires

I got up at 9:00 and left the house for the Embassy at 10:30. Before that I completed packing and talked with Romy, who cleans the house and helps Victoria with the cooking.

Romy and I

At 11:30 I reached the Embassy. When I rang the door bell I had to explain my request in Spanish. After entering I asked the woman behind the reception if she spoke English. She denied. The man sitting next to her spoke as much English as I speak Spanish:-) I had to fill in a form and we managed to communicate in broken English, Spanish and with the aid of my dictionary:-) It took me a while and after finishing the man showed me where the waiting room was. 6 people were lining up before me. When it was my turn the woman who issued my visa could speak a little English and again in a mixture of broken English and Spanish we managed to understand each other. I finally got my visa and left the Embassy at 12:30. I was kind of proud that I had learned at least as much Spanish that I would survive:-) Travelling around Argentina and Cuba could begin:-)

@Ramona: You don't have to worry anymore, now nothing should stand in the way of our common trip around Cuba :-)

At 13:30 I was back home and I spent the rest of the afternoon with blogging.
At 17:00 Victoria and I shared a taxi (a guy from the neighbour she knows) to go to the city.

the only picture I took of my hostmother
as I will always remeber her: standing in the kitchen
and/or untwisting the cords her glasses are hanging on

Victoria would fly to Uruguay for business and I would stay in a hotel waiting for Christoph to arrive and visiting the city together with him. After a short stop at Victoria's aunt's house and the French Embassy I was dropped off in front of the Arroyo Towers Hotel, which I had booked for a very good price on the internet.
The hotel staff was really nice and helpful and I had a nice chat with the 2 guys. Once I was in my room I started blogging and wanted to watch some TV, but the internet connection was to slow for downloading a movie.

Christoph's and my hotel room for the next 3 nights

I could work on my blog using that table

we even had a kitchenette (we didn't use:-) )

From 20:00 to 21:00 I went to a restaurant around the corner. That restaurant was recommended by the hotel clerk and was a place where local people go. I tried to order in Spanish and succeeded:-).
When I returned I continued blogging and at 00:30 I went to bed. Unfortunately the bed was very uncomfortable, the pillows too thick and I couldn't find a cosy position. At around 01:30 I finally fell asleep but when I woke up the next morning I had a stiff neck and I had turned around completely in the bed at least once (in fact the bed looked like after a fight:-)).

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