Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

April 5 - Travel Day
Today it is May 3rd, I am in Japan at my friend`s house and finally have the time to start writing about my trip in Japan.
I`ve decided to write frist about Japan, because my friend Yuki will be my co-author now. As soon as I am at home again (June 3rd) I`ll finish up the Nepal story:-)

So let`s get started with my time in Japan:
Even though I had a short night (from 2:30 to 8:30) I got up at 8:30 - as promised to my parents - and we had breakfast together. As always I started and finished packing on the day of my departure. Before leaving Germany for 2 months I wanted to say goodbye to our horse Adi, so I had to intercept my packing and drove to the stable where I met my sister. We groomed Adi, I said goodbye to Adi and my sister and drove home again. My mother had already prepared lunch (we had Spaetzle and sald) and finally I could finish up my packing. My father and I left the house at 15:30 and we were lucky because there was no traffic jam on our side in contrast to the oncoming traffic. At 17:20 we reached Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport and I there was no queue so I could check-in immediately. My father and I had a coffee together, watched the air traffic for a while, then I bought a book (Henning Mankell, "the troubled man")  for the long flight. My father and I said goodbye at 18:30 and what I really kept in mind was that the guy at the passport control, the womant at the security control as well as the boarding card inspector were all very friendly and asked me about my travelling plans in Japan and wished me a nice trip! The first shock that day I had when the boarding card inspector asked me if I had a visa for Japan or not. I said "no because I go there for travelling", and then he replied that my stay in Japan will be less than 30 days. I nodded but as soon as I had taken a seat in the waiting hall I calculated my days in Japan: 36!!! I was lucky that I could call Christoph from that place and asked him to check it out on the internet. After a while he assured me that the duration time in Japan for tourists is 90 days!!! What a relief! (Actually I didn`t check it before my departure, I was so sure that nothing had changed between my first visit in Japan in 2006 and now... What a mistake!!....)
This time I felt a little bit strange, going away for such a long time, now where Christoph and I just got used to staying together all day long.... Anyway....
After boarding we left the parking position at 19:45 and took off at 20:10 (flying time to South Korea: 9h 15 min, flight KE 906, flight carrier: Korean Air). I had a seat between to korean guys, the space was limited and except watching "War Horse" I wasn`t in the mood for any more movies. As always I tried to sleep but without success (it was impossible ti find a comfortable position..)
We had 2 meals on board (chicken and noodles and 2 hours before landing we got breakfast).

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