Sonntag, 29. April 2012

April 29 - Tokyo

When I got up at 8 a.m. I was feeling really sick and tired. I had hardly slept the night before because of my sore throat. It was a pity because it was Anke's last day in Japan (the next morning she would leave very early) and this day was warm and sunny and actually it had been the best day - regarding the weather - since her arrival.
But some things can't be changed and so I only had two options that morning: either spending another day in the kitchen or lobby of that terrible youth hostel and pay money for staying after the check-out time or moving to the new hostel and staying in the lobby overthere until check-in time. I decided to go for the 2nd choice and therefor Anke and I moved after shower and breakfast to the next hostel at around 11 a.m. At 11:40 we reached the Oak Hostel and I was really exhausted and was feeling very weak at that time. We paid and Anke went out for sightseeing on her own. Later on she told me that she had visited Ueno Park again and in addition to the park she also went into the Science Museum. I was staying in the lobby of the Oak Hostel and because they had wifi I could use my tablet and so I was killing the time with emailing. The receptionist was very kind and as soon as our room was ready I was allowed to check-in at 12:30 (even though the official check-in time was around 15:00). Our room was very small, but clean and we had our own bathroom. It was a Japanese-style room with tatami mats again and the futon bed Anke and I had to share wasn't wider than 1.20 m. I went to bed but couldn't really sleep. So I spent the day with dozing and surfing the internet.
When Anke returned at around 18:00 she had brought Sushi with her and we had dinner in the room. After eating and talking Anke started packing for her trip home the next morning and because she had some space in her bags left I could give her some of my clothes, I hadn't used so far and wouldn't use anymore during that trip, and souvenirs she would take with her. Then I talked with Christoph via Skype while Anke was taking a shower. Before we went out Anke did me a great favour and cut my hair. It had been growing too long meanwhile and I hated it to have no clear look through my eyes anymore. Anke who had already cut the hair of her daughter several times did a really good job! Thank you again! (It must have been a funny image,the 2 of us sitting on the tatami mats, Anke cutting my hair and I was holding my head over a garbage bin to clean up immediately:-) )

At that time I wasn't sure whether I was able to join Naomi the next day or not. We were still writing comments via facebook and I wrote her, that I would go out with Anke for dinner and a walk and if I could manage this I would join her the next day.
So Anke and I went out and Anke chose the restaurant where we had rice, Tempura and Miso soup. The lady who served us in the restaurant could'nt speak english at all so I had to go out with her and show her the meal we wanted to order in the display case in front of the restaurant:-)

After or while we were eating there was another earthquake at around 20:30 but neither Anke nor I recognized this (Naomi told me later on and asked how it was for us...) The only explanation I had was that we were eating and walking along a subway bridge. Frequent trains using that bridge cwere causing a certain shaking of the ground too, so I assume that there was a train passing when the earthquake (a very short one) took place.

After dinner we were walking around and talking about work and I realized that I had got used to walking and moving every day so much, that I almost missed something if I didn't move at all:-) => good sign!!!

I decided to write Naomi that I was going to join her.
At 23:00 we went to bed but this night it was too hot and the mattress not wide enough: turning around without disturbing the other one was almost not possible:-)

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